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Falling Ginkgo Y Necklace

Falling Ginkgo Y Necklace

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This necklace is inspired by the graceful form of a falling ginkgo leaf. The openwork design of the leaves and the Y-shaped extension chain make it light and agile, exuding a gentle and tender charm.

Material: Sterling Silver
Plating: 18K Gold
Inlay: Natural Pearl
Length: 60cm
Height: 21mm
Width: 20mm


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- Made with certified 925 sterling silver, with other metal content not exceeding 7.5%.
- The 18K gold finish is five times thicker than average gold plating, ensuring long-lasting color and durability.
- Free replacement for any quality issues. Read Details


- Eco-friendly velvet pouch (one per item);
- Branded jewelry box (one per order);
- Care instructions card & Polishing cloth;

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Like the ever-changing currents of a river, time flows ceaselessly, capturing fleeting moments that define our lives. JuslitFlow's jewelry is a tribute to these ephemeral instants, transforming them into everlasting expressions of beauty and sophistication. Each piece resonates with the essence of the present, reminding us to cherish the flow of life's precious moments.